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Automation Technology Fair: Recap

Thank you to all that attended this year's successful Automation Technology Fair! Nearly 200 attendees and about two dozen manufacturers in attendance braved the heat on Thursday, September 14th to see the latest in automation. The morning included 10 seminars that focused on different aspects in factory automation ranging from safety to machine vision to collaborative robotics! 

Automation Technology Fair: What to Expect!

When you walk into our 10th annual Automation Technology Fair on September 14th you will be greeted at the door and offered ample coffee to keep you alert. If you have registered for a seminar (we suggest that you do!) you can learn about the newest in automation technology directly from our manufacturers. There are many seminars to choose from so you can pick whichever one best fits your interests and industry. You can even attend multiple seminars as we offer a variety of time slots throughout the morning!