About Us

Established in 1981, Automation, Inc. is a Minneapolis based value-added stocking distributor of motion, vision, pneumatic, electrical, process control, and machine components.

We serve Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota. 

Automation, Inc. offers products from a diverse selection of manufacturers and stocks select products. Our services include our IPS Design Center, Value Added Department, Evaluations, Training, Seminars, and Technical Support.

IPS Design Center: Our Design Center specializes in incorporating Parker IPS Extruded Aluminum into your projects. We can assist with the initial design, CAD drawings, machining, assembly, and installation. 

Value Added Department: Our technicians handle a wide range of services centered around the design, build, and quality check of full automation assembilies.

Evaluations: Our engineers and product specialists can conduct evaluations and proof of concept testing for many Vision, Robotic, and Pneumatic applications. 

Training and Seminars: We host monthly trainings and seminars to help engineers and management better understand new products and how to leverage existing products. 

Technical Support: We offer technical support on-site, over the phone, and through training opportunities. 

Automation, Inc. specializes in custom solutions designed specifically for your application. By owning the solution in-house, our customers save time and money, both at the time of installation and as the solution ages.  However, if a turn-key, completely integrated solution is what you are looking for, we can help you find a local integrator that will fit the job.


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