Mitsubishi PLC Training - Iowa


Radisson Hotel
1220 1st Ave
Coralville, IA 52241


Gain exposure to the rapidly expanding Mitsubishi PLC product line and walk away with a FX5U PLC, GX Works3 Software, and training!

October 16th, 2018
9:00AM - 3:00PM (lunch is provided) 

Training Location: 
Radisson Hotel, 1220 1st Ave, Coralville, IA, 52241

Cost: $895

*Please note that if you cancel within one (1) week of the class you will be charged 50% for late cancellation.

Value: A FX5U PLC, GX Works3 Software, programming cable, and a day of training all valued at over $1450. Attendees will gain a strong understanding of the basic features and functions of the programming software. This full day of training is led by Automation, Inc.'s product specialist, Dustin.
*Optional purchase: $200 push button light assembly

**Note: Pre-payment is required by credit card, we will contact you prior to the training for payment information.

Who should attend?
Engineers, Technicians with a good understanding of ladder programming and PLCs. 

Agenda Topics:

  • E-Manual Viewer
  • Program Documentation
  • Setting of Parameters
  • System Addressing
  • Basic Instructions & Functions
  • Multiple Programs & Scan Times
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