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The DataMan Setup Tool Software from Cognex simplifies installation and operation of DataMan image-based barcode readers. This half day training will cover: optimizing image-based barcode readers, using the DataMan Setup Software (V6.1), and maintaining your barcode readability throughout the supply chain.

Who should attend?

Engineers or Technicians who are programming and maintaining your Cognex Barcode Readers.

Agenda: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Lunch will be provided)

  • Optimizing image-based barcode readers:
    • Lensing and Resolution Limits
    • Hardware:  Aperture, Optical Filtering, Polarization, and Lighting
    • Software:  Exposure Time, Gain, Image Filtering, and HDR
  • Using the Cognex Dataman Setup Software V6.1:
    • Interface:  Results History, Q&A, Documentation
    • Trigger Modes and Tuning 
    • Data Formatting:  Getting the information you need out.
  • Maintaining barcode readability throughout the supply chain.
    • Reading every single code
    • Using Process Control Metrics
    • Barcode Grading
    • Cognex Runtime Monitoring


  • $195 per student for the training class

**Credit card prepayment is required. Please note that if you cancel within one (1) week of the class you will be charged 50% for late cancellation.

We will be contacting you a few weeks prior to the training for payment.


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